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My Story

Hello! My name is Shanna Sites and I am a mom of three girls and a wife. I created my business because I love designing and because I believe that a full saturation brand will significantly increase your success. 

I want to help you create your dreams, develop your brand, and achieve your success. I offer multiple packages carefully cultivated to work for you!

I LOVE what I do and hope everyone can experience the joy I feel when I help others. 

Shanna Sites and baby

Visual stimulation, specifically color, affects the human nervous system in unique ways. Using a tailored graphic design strategy and careful use of color, you can create information that conveys your brand message and grasps the attention of consumers. Graphic design and color are not optional, they are necessary to appeal to consumers.

My Mission

I am committed to helping compassionate, mission-driven entrepreneurs develop a brand that tells their story. Together we can bring life to a vision that will stand out as YOU

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